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What We Believe

At Pathways we believe that every individual is unique and precious in the sight of God and man.  We express our love and caring by doing our best to live as commanded in God’s Holy Bible.  With obedience to God’s word as our goal, we hold these truths as our guiding beliefs. Our purpose, is not to engage in endless doctrinal disputes, but to be a place of ministry and healing for those in need. Christians have always had diversity in their theology and will continue to do so until the return of the Master teacher himself. In the meantime, we want to provide healing and encouragement to the body of Christ at large by faithfully adhering to these beliefs.

                        Our Mission

Exalt - the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ in doctrine, life style and service, 

Edify- each member of His Body through the teaching of the Gospel and providing positive life and family enrichment experiences.

Equip- each member for service and personal growth in support of the great commission and this fellowship, and 

Evangelize- our communities through the creation and operation of activities that lead to the building of positive spiritual, moral and cultural values beyond the church walls.

Our Vision

Pathways Christian Fellowship is a body of baptized believers that are committed to the positive development of the whole person. Our vision is to create an atmosphere where everyone can serve and grow spiritually and naturally, while worshipping the Lord Jesus Christ in a pleasant and supportive environment. We endeavor to accomplish this by genuinely yielding our hearts in service to God and to our biblical neighbors.